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Web Based Quick Start Training

Want to learn the PIPE-FLO basics and jumpstart your ability to use the program quickly and effectively? We offer Quick Start Training that is designed to teach you how to build a more efficient system quicker. You don't need PIPE-FLO software installed to participate, just the latest version of Flash (prompted) and internet access.

In less than an hour you will learn how to:

  1. Build a New system. Place objects on the FLO-Sheet and draw the connecting pipelines
  2. Use the copy feature (a major timesaver!)
  3. Select & size pumps
  4. Create system lineups
  5. Optimize the entire system
  6. Change your display options
  7. And much more!

This video isn’t just for new users. If you haven’t used the program in a while and need to brush up on the basics, we welcome you to check out the video. You can select portions of the video you want to brush up on OR you can watch the video in its entirety to make sure you haven’t missed any of our new features.

This training seminar now qualifies you for a 0.5 Professional Development Hour (PDH). Simply watch the video then take our quiz. We will send you a certificate of completion for your records, outlining what was covered in the QuickStart training as proof that you earned your Professional Development Hour. Please allow up to 5 – 7 business days for certificate to arrive.

WATCH NOW: Quick Start Training Video

More live and in-depth PIPE-FLO training options are available for anyone interested. Training discounts are available only to our customers with TechNet Plus support. If you do not have TechNet Plus, contact your territory representative at (800) 786-8545 or

For more information on TechNet Plus visit our TechNet Plus page.

If you still have questions after watching the Quick Start Video, please click here to contact us.