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PUMP-FLO is the perfect tool to select, evaluate, and analyze centrifugal pumps using manufacturers' supplied electronic pump catalogs. With PUMP-FLO you can feel confident that the selected pump meets your system's requirements for optimum efficiency, minimizing maintenance and pumping costs.

  • From manufacturers' catalogs, select pumps that meet a design point of flow rate and total head.
  • Evaluate the pump curve in a graph window that shows head, efficiency, horsepower, and NPSHr as a function of flow rate.
  • Analyze multiple pump operation, calculate annual operating cost and correct the pump curve for viscous fluid operation.

Using PUMP-FLO, you can:

Select your pump - Simply enter the design point, open a manufacturer's supplied electronic pump catalog, and specify the desired pump type(s) and speed(s). PUMP-FLO automatically searches the electronic pump catalog and displays a list of pumps meeting your system needs. The pump selection list can be sorted by pump size, efficiency, NPSHr, and maximum power draw to simplify the selection process.

Evaluate pump operation - PUMP-FLO displays the pump curve showing the pump head, efficiency, horsepower, and NPSHr as a function of flow rate. You can inquire from the curve to determine the pump's operation for a given flow rate or head value. Enter the system data and view the pump and system curve on the same graph.

Analyze pump operation - PUMP-FLO displays the pump curve for multiple pumps running in either series or parallel operation. PUMP-FLO also calculates the pump's operating cost using both fixed and variable speed pump drives. This aids in determining if there is economic justification for a variable speed drive. The program automatically makes viscosity corrections to the pump curve when needed. PUMP-FLO documents all stages of the selection process complete with a printed pump curve.

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