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PIPE-FLO Professional
PIPE-FLO v12 PIPE-FLO Professional simulates the operation of piping systems transporting liquids and industrial gases under a variety of expected operating conditions.

PIPE-FLO Professional has no limits as to the number of pipelines it can handle and provides accurate results for series, branching, looped systems (both open and closed), as well as primary / secondary piping systems. If you can draw your piping system, PIPE-FLO Professional will show you how it operates.

The program simulates the operation of the complete piping system showing the interaction of pumps, compressors, pipelines, control valves, and components by incorporating the following features into a single, easy to use program:
  • An easy to understand piping schematic drawing.

  • A robust calculation engine.

  • Access to the electronic documents used to design, build, operate, and maintain piping systems.

  • Collaboration tools providing your team with a clear view of the total piping system.

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