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Engineered Software provides a wide range of products and services to help you visualize the operation of your fluid piping systems. Engineering firms use PIPE-FLO for designing and evaluating the operation of new and existing fluid piping systems. Owners and operators of piping systems use PIPE-FLO to assist them in the operation and maintenance of their piping system.

We also offer a variety of training and support services so our customers can get the most from their software investment.

Piping System Design and Analysis Products:

PIPE-FLO - Design and simulate the operation of fluid piping systems. From liquids, to gases, to paper slurries, we offer affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use software, providing a clear picture of your total piping system. Click to see What's New in 2012!

Flow of Fluids - All the calculating and analysis power of PIPE-FLO, in a smaller package. Learn more about what’s New in Flow of Fluids!

PIPE-FLO SDK - This tool allows users to seamlessly integrate PIPE-FLO with other mission critical software and add functionality to the program.

Pump Selection Products:

PUMP-FLO - Selects and evaluates centrifugal and AODD pumps from over 90 manufacturers.  PUMP-FLO also has multi-language capabilities.

P-Library - Create and manage custom pump catalog and curve files for use with the PUMP-FLO and PIPE-FLO programs.

Valve Selection Products:

CONVAL - Selects and evaluates valves, throttle components, heat exchangers and more. CONVAL also has multi-language capabilities.


Crane Technical Paper No. 410 - TP-410 is the guide to understanding the flow of fluid through valves, pipes and fittings, enabling you to select the correct equipment for your piping system.

Piping System Fundamentals: The complete Guide to Gaining a Clear Picture of Your Piping System - An extensive look at the main conditions effecting the operation of a piping system, describing the interaction between pumps, compressors, pipelines, control valves, and other components.

Pump Applications and Characteristics - Highly acclaimed 500-page pump application handbook is now in its second edition, and contains everything you need to know about centrifugal pumps.

Support, Training and Services:

FLO-Master Seminars - Discover the power of PIPE-FLO by attending our advanced 2-day training class. View brochure here.

Fluid Fundamentals Training - Designed to give you the skills needed to fully understand fluid piping systems and successfully troubleshoot changes or additions to any piping system situation. View brochure here.

TechNet Plus - Receive all program upgrades automatically when they are released, take advantage of Web based software training, have your questions answered by one of our application specialists.

Fluids Compilation - An extensive fluid compilation provides accurate physical property data for a wide range of fluids used in piping systems.