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Download or Receive PIPE-FLO Demo

Downloading and trying the PIPE-FLO Professional Demo is the best way to get an accurate assessment for how the powerful, yet easy to use piping design software can be incorporated into your job. From concept to design to commissioning to operation, with PIPE-FLO you gain a clear picture of your piping systems throughout the life of the facility.

Using the demo and following the included Tutorial, you will learn how PIPE-FLO provides a clear picture of your piping system model by:

  • Sizing individual pipelines using pipe specifications and engineering data tables.

  • Selecting pumps and control valves from manufacturers electronic catalogs.

  • Simulating the operation of the total piping system.

  • Calculating a system of up to five pipelines.

  • Seeing how the system operates under a variety of expected operating conditions.

  • Accessing electronic documents located on your network or on the Internet.

  • Opening example projects so you can see real world examples.

When downloading the PIPE-FLO Demo save the file to your Windows Desktop then run the file from your desktop when the download is complete. The PIPE-FLO Demo consists of a single file that does not require administrator privileges to run.

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The demo download size is 105 MB.