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Company Overview

Engineered Software, Inc. is comprised of three award-winning product lines PIPE-FLO®, PUMP-FLO™ Solutions and Flow of Fluids. All three of these industry leading products boast strong brand recognition, dominance in their respective markets, and are backed by a company with over thirty years of experience in the software development business.

PIPE-FLO was created in 1982 to meet the requirements of engineers and designers who needed to size individual pipelines and understand how a complete piping system operates. PUMP-FLO was created in 1986 as the world's first centrifugal pump selection program supported by multiple pump manufacturers, and now has the distinction of being the industry standard in pump selection software.

PIPE-FLO, PUMP-FLO and Flow of Fluids are known worldwide for high end-user satisfaction rates, which stems from their easy-to-use user interface. Recognized as the best in the industry, the programs interface was developed and refined based on over thirty years of customer feedback.

Since 1982, PIPE-FLO® has evolved into a comprehensive fluid-piping program that provides a total system view. The program is utilized by engineering firms to design pipelines, and size and select pumps, control valves and other equipment. It is used during the construction of systems to evaluate field modifications and to aid in start-up testing. Owners of piping systems use PIPE-FLO to troubleshoot operating systems and evaluate system expansion and process changes.

The PIPE-FLO product line has expanded to include a variety of products including PIPE-FLO Professional, PIPE-FLO Compressible, PIPE-FLO Stock, PIPE-FLO Overtime, PIPE-FLO Viewer and the PIPE-FLO Software Development Kit. More than 5,500 companies and over 15,000 users around the world utilize the PIPE-FLO product line to design, optimize and troubleshoot their fluid piping systems.

PUMP-FLO™ Solutions currently lists over 120 centrifugal and AODD pump manufacturers as customers, providing pump sizing, selection and configuration software to pump companies of all sizes. With both desktop and web-based programs, PUMP-FLO Solutions is clearly recognized as the worldwide industry leader and the standard in pump selection software. PUMP-FLO Solutions offers a free, web-based sizing and selection tool used by engineers and pump distributors located at has more than 275,000 registered users worldwide. PUMP-FLO additionally launched INSIGHT in 2011, the next generation of its PUMP-FLO product line, a completely integrated solution offering fully customizable configuration, pricing, and quoting capabilities.

In 2006, Engineered Software, Inc. established the Flow of Fluids product line when it entered into a long-term agreement with Crane Valve North America to be the official marketer, seller, producer and distributor of Crane Technical Paper No. 410, Flow of Fluids Through Valves, Fitting, and Pipe (U.S. and Metric editions). The Flow of Fluids product line also includes Flow of Fluids Premium software, a scaled down version of PIPE-FLO Professional. In its first year of operation, Flow of Fluids sold hundreds of copies of its Flow of Fluids Premium software and over 5,500 copies of TP410.

Also in 2006, Engineered Software, Inc. moved into a brand new, 7,500 square foot state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Lacey, WA. With room to grow, the company has continued its dedication to its customers by adding professional staff to provide the most technologically advanced solutions, top notch sales service and unparalleled engineering and technical support. With nearly 40 employees, Engineered Softwares staff is more than quadruple the size of any other company serving this industry, ensuring that our customers needs are always exceeded.

In 2007, Engineered Software, Inc. celebrated its 25th anniversary, a significant accomplishment and a testament to our belief that conducting business with honesty, integrity and creativity while putting the customer first is the ideal way to grow a successful company.

After celebrating more than two decades in the software business, Engineered Software branched out in a different direction, and created the Fluid Fundamentals Training Division in 2008. The purpose of the new training division is to offer training on practical topics not previously available but pertinent to the industry and of value to our current customers.

The new training division led to new training books, published by the corporate publishing arm ESI Pressâ„¢ and includes such titles as Piping System Fundamentals: The complete Guide to Gaining a Clear Picture of Your Piping System, now in its second edition.

As the list of training classes continues to grow, and accompanying publications are released, Fluid Fundamentals Training has become an instrumental source for Engineered Learning™.

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